About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to engage in meaningful professional development, on a regular basis, to build teacher capacity, enhance instructional strategies in relation to the CRSE framework; therefore, improving pedagogical practice that will foster student engagement.

Our Mission

Our School Mission is to educate all students to become academically successful while meeting and surpassing the New York State Standards. We envision a dynamic learning environment where ideas are shared, mutual respect is given, and diversity is appreciated. With the support of an innovative staff, in partnership with home and community, we will create and develop a community of lifelong learners.

Instructional Focus

We will adapt and implement school wide reading and writing strategies, to strengthen student comprehension skills; enhancing their ability to construct written responses, so that students feel invested in their own learning.  This will encourage student self-reflection, promote student voice and prepare them for high stakes exams.

Instructional Frameworks

  • Danielson Framework

  • Webb's DOK

  • Principle's of Learning

  • POEM Model