About Us

Our Vision

College & Career Access for All: 

Student's will have the opportunity to study a variety of college and career level courses through our career pathway programs.

Engineering & STEM Pathway

Legal Studies Pathway

The Arts Pathway

Education Pathway 

Our Mission

Our mission for the 2023-2024 school year is to adapt and implement school wide reading and writing strategies, to strengthen student comprehension skills; enhancing their ability to construct written responses, so that students feel invested in their own learning.  This will encourage student self-reflection, promote student voice and prepare them for high stakes exams.

Equity Imperative Goal

By June 2024, our 9th grade SWDs will increase their lexile level by one quintile from baseline, with the support of research-based learning platforms such as Actively Learn and Castle Learning. With the implementation of the 9th grade advisory, and its social emotional learning programs, such as growth mindset activities that include partnerships with Community Based Organizations and the Read 180 program, our 9th grade students will foster individual reflection, character development, identity, camaraderie, and increase confidence.

Instructional Frameworks

  • Danielson Framework

  • Webb's DOK

  • Ready for rigor framework

  • The Hess Cognitive Rigor Matrices

The Bronxwood Preparatory Academy